Emergency Rescue Fund


Help for families that “fall between the cracks.”

Do you need financial assistance to help you and your children through a difficult time?

The Emergency Rescue Fund is a source of help and hope for many families with children that have “fallen between the cracks” when it comes to receiving the necessary assistance to get them through rough times.

This fund provides emergency assistance to parents and caretakers who have minor children in their care, custody and control. During these difficult times, many families find themselves struggling financially due to unexpected and unanticipated events in their lives such as loss of a job or home, separation or divorce, or additional family responsibilities.

This fund is intended to offer temporary assistance to families going through difficult times or unanticipated setbacks and to enable these families to achieve sustainability once assistance has been provided. Generally speaking, families are not granted assistance more than once or twice a year so that a dependency is not created. In other words, the goal is not to give a hand out but to give a hand up in a time of need.